A bittersweet ride through the eyes of the misfits.

A sad snap via my non-existent photography skills

I borrowed (see: stole) this book from a very close friend. My love for all things morbid apparently shines through enough, leading to her vehemently recommending this to me. I was skeptical, to say the least! It’s been a while, since I’ve read a book at a stretch. This was a nail-biter, even though for those of you who know me, this specific remark wouldn’t make them think “ooohhh five stars”. I bite nails for a living! But please do trust me when I say, this was truly a metaphorical nail-biter.

Anjum (born Aftab, and later christened Anjum as she…

Hi @lauramanipura, I'd like to be added as a writer and my handle is @call-me-slytherin

“Good” — is a subjective adjective. What does “good” mean to you?

Screenshot from an Instagram story shared by Rayshara of the Hereafter’s artwork on the three kingdoms

Here’s a remark I often hear myself making;

“She’s a good person, but… He’s nice, but…”

Then it starts to confuse me. Why does a person who I assume is good, need to have a contradictory quality? If that’s the case, can good and not so good qualities co-exist? If so, where does one draw the line between being good and bad?

The standard for good is quite elastic. Even in the bible. …

Do we truly ever experience unconditional love in our lifetime?

Pic: Unsplash

The title is a quote I recently came across, in a K-drama titled “Run-on”. As all of us are intertwined in filial relationships, we can do with or without, the quote struck a chord, and here’s why;

I recall a couple of things from my childhood:

  1. Being allowed to just be — I was free to play, to choose to study, watch T.V., eat or drink whatever I prefer, and choose hobbies and extra-curricular activities that I’d like to engage in.
  2. Always being ill — I was a sickly child. This, I am so glad to have outgrown.
  3. A father…

Blaming an application for the decisions you make on how to spend your time, is an easy escape. But is it truly their fault?

Mark Zuckerberg at the senate hearing. Photo credit: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

I constantly delete and re-install my social media apps. My friends and foes are aware of this tradition. They call it “a Niro phase”. It’s when I was not in one of these phases that I stumbled upon the social dilemma on Netflix. Being the paranoid social media consumer I am, I agreed. A few days after, I listened to an episode on the Making Sense podcast by Sam Harris, where he interviewed Tristan Harris, Co-Founder, and President of the Center for Humane Technology. Sam Harris lit a certain bulb within me. The attention economy did not originate from social…

From the overworked American to the overspent American, Julie Schor might have a point.

Photo: notable — quotes

I have not been in the labour force long enough to call myself overworked. However, I have been in it long enough, with a relatively well-paid job (in a Sri Lankan managerial job context) to realise, that my well-being was not positively correlated to my income.

On the contrary, I find myself better off now, with lesser income, that I could vow that the title of this article is definitely a myth, but there are those who beg to differ, and folks, I understand.

Here’s why;

You Only Live Once — the ultimate encourager of reckless living. Go on an adventurous nerve wrecking trip, spend all your savings, quit a job and become a bedouin. Why? Because “You Only Live Once!”

Ella, Sri Lanka. Photo : picturesby_resh

Life is an entity with the ability to adapt to its environment — J V Chamary, Forbes

If we are such adaptable creatures, where does exhaustion, feeling unfulfilled or needing long holidays to get away from the daily hustle come into play? As I pondered upon these, I submitted my resignation two months ago. Prior to my resignation, I was running the 8–5 cycle, spending hours on the road travelling back and forth from one destination on the other, placing a whole load of importance on being a useful, and appreciated employee. But once you become used to the daily…

Have you ever been so angry, that you buckled up and got working to find a long lasting solution to what tipped you off? Yeah, me neither.

I’m accustomed to reading Tim Ferris’s email titled “5-bullet Friday”. Yesterday, there were three things which really stole my short lived attention and kept me hooked. One of them was a documentary titled Crip Camp on Netflix.

The documentary with its self explanatory title is about a group of differently abled individuals who took it upon themselves, to bring about legislature to create a fair playing ground for themselves. …


Picture by https://www.instagram.com/picturesby_resh/

Every time I take the Pottermore quiz to sort myself very willingly into Slytherin, it doesn’t co-operate. It has blasphemously sorted me into everything else but Slytherin. There’s nothing wrong with Hufflepuff, but I must do justice by the multiple Slytherin T-shirts I’ve forced my friends to gift me with, and also the paraphernalia I own. Sigh. But nope, I am not one to give up, so I will for now make do with my Medium handle co-operating with my innermost deep desire of belonging to Slytherin.

That being said, I am no Draco Malfoy. In fact, I have contradictory…

Ashton Kutcher reading mean tweets on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Funny how there’s a whole segment on celebrities reading mean tweets.

I’ve been hearing about Twitter threads through friends for a while. They play different roles on the social media platform; some enjoy drama unfold while biting on their popcorn, some get triggered by the beliefs and opinions others hold, some get caught up in a thread of clarification and written abuse hailed at a complete stranger.

I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon approximately a month ago, and selectively followed a few podcast hosts, who shared interesting new ideas or contested the old. I also made sure that I follow those who stand on polar opposite ends; if I follow Sam…

Just a Slytherin hissing

Non-ambidextrous and constantly distracted.

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